[Its.an.education.project] Sugar on the EEE PC

John Watlington wad at laptop.org
Wed May 7 01:20:52 EDT 2008

The XO has a good reason for existance (MLJ's display, and attention  
to low power design).
Ignoring the fact that most of the new "low-cost" laptops require  
much more power ---
a serious problem in the most underserved areas --- the price trend  
is for the second
generation of the "low cost" laptops to head back to $500.
The Asus 900 has a suggested list of $550 ?

A comparison of the possible XO replacements is provided as an  
The information comes from:


On May 6, 2008, at 4:02 PM, Dr.-Ing. Rohrmoser wrote:

> Yes I made it work on a EEE PC using a dual boot configuration.
> Sugar runs, but activities suffer
> because of the limited screen resolution. I am waiting for the new
> Asus 900 Model.
> If you like to try it anyway, the procedure is documented
> in:
>      ftp://rohrmoser-engineering.de/pub/XO-LiveCD/XO-LiveCD_080321.pdf
> - wolfgang

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