Sugar API documentation

Bert Freudenberg bert at
Tue May 6 05:44:54 EDT 2008

On 06.05.2008, at 11:14, Edward Cherlin wrote:
> I often do what I call Defensive Documentation. I write the manual I
> wanted to have in the first place.

Nice term, "Defensive Documentation" :) That describes exactly why I  
made the "low-level" Sugar API documentation. It's not so much about  
the low level functions but rather about what is actually going on and  
required of an activity, independent of what language is being used. I  
wish I had had that kind of documentation when I started, because for  
me it's about understanding a system, not just using it.

>  Occasionally I can get paid to do this, although usually I get  
> decent source docs from engineers.

Well, I'm just an engineer, and it shows in my style ;) Fortunately,  
Viewpoints Research pays me to work on the Sugar Etoys port, and they  
don't mind me doing occasional "peripheral" work, too. I did get help  
on IRC when I asked, although mostly I was just reverse-engineering  
the source code ...

- Bert -

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