15 computer science collegians looking for a project

NoiseEHC NoiseEHC at freemail.hu
Tue May 6 03:59:02 EDT 2008

>> One of the textboxes is not too clear to me on the new project page.
>> 1. Description of your experience, both with hardware and software. - 
>> Am I supposed to write about my work experience regarding the new 
>> project?
> experience in general. Why are you the right person to do that project ?
Probably some active wording would help. For example: "Why are you the 
right person to do that project?"
>> Why shall I define it again if I already did it on my registration 
>> form? Or is it about something else? (I am not a native speaker.)
> ah, ok, the redundancy bug maybe.
> The rest was clear for you?
Was clear. I have just paused at the last textbox and thought that it 
should have to have some different meaning from the profile's one. Then 
I thought that the intent should be evident for a native speaker and 
that is why I have asked.
One little thing (took 20 sec for me): at the mobile phone textbox the 
sample starts with +1. Now I suppose that it is the USA. Since I have 
never ever called the USA in my life it was a little bit strange that 
the country code (if it is the country code) has only 1 digit. Probably 
you should list an example with a 2 digit code.
> a.

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