udevsettle takes 33.5 seconds on 2.6.25 master kernels

linaccess at yokoy.de linaccess at yokoy.de
Fri May 2 16:04:01 EDT 2008

On Fri, 2 May 2008 12:10:35 -0400
"C. Scott Ananian" <cscott at laptop.org> wrote:

> So these failures are not isolated to 2.6.25, and are probably not the
> direct cause of udevsettle taking such a long time.

just to talk at large because I had such problems on another system.
Removing ide-generic and making ata-generic the default fixed the problem. That problem apeared  somewhat around the 2.6.22 release, as I remember. After that, all /dev/hd switched to /dev/sd. Additional it was a big speed improvement. Hope that helps.



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