Touchpad Bugs

Michael Stone michael at
Fri May 2 11:27:17 EDT 2008

> Wow, just curious, what units they should measure in for cost and
> benefit?

As with all proposed features, I'm principally interested in measures of
cost and benefit like:

  [resources]    - What kind of expertise is necessary to accomplish the
                   work and is this expertise abundant or scarce in our

  [interference] - Does the primary work interfere with the correct
                   functioning of other subsystems or is it genuinely

  [scope]        - How long is the critical path of changes that must be
                   made in order to deliver a prototype of the feature?
  [quality]      - If we prototyped such a feature, what work might be
                   necessary to bring it to a releasable condition?

  [utility]      - Can it be _relied upon_ as a fail-safe "backup plan"
                   for people experiencing touchpad/touchpad-software


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