New faster build 1805

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Wed Mar 26 15:11:38 EDT 2008

Changes in build 1805 from build: 1802

Size delta: -0.13M

-vnc 4.1.2-19.fc7
+vnc 4.1.2-20.fc7
-coreutils 6.9-8.fc7
+coreutils 6.9-9.fc7
-tzdata 2007k-2.fc7
+tzdata 2008b-1.fc7
-vnc-libs 4.1.2-19.fc7
+vnc-libs 4.1.2-20.fc7

--- Changes for vnc 4.1.2-20.fc7 from 4.1.2-19.fc7 ---
  + validate framebuffer bounds before GetImage call (#430468)

--- Changes for coreutils 6.9-9.fc7 from 6.9-8.fc7 ---
  + mv: never unlink a destination file before calling rename
  + defer usage of longoptions patch until final upstream 

--- Changes for tzdata 2008b-1.fc7 from 2007k-2.fc7 ---
  + Upstream 2008b
  + DST changes for Syria, Cuba; Iraq abandons DST
  + Saigon zone renamed Ho_Chi_Minh; backward link provided
  + Add America/Argentina/San_Luis information

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