Nortel LearniT animations (Seth Woodworth)

Rob Savoye rob at
Mon Mar 24 09:50:46 EDT 2008

Edward Cherlin wrote:

> So where is Gnash? What can we look forward to in the next release?

  The latest release was about 2 weeks ago. :-) We put snapshot builds
up on and we recently got buildbot up and
running, those builds currently go in

> What help do you need?

  Seriously ? :-) We need more resources for the Gnash project. We are a
tiny handful of people working hard on doing a clean room SWF player.
The few of us work all day, every day on Gnash.... More people
volunteering to work on Gnash, funding help, test cases would all help
us achieve compatibility with SWF v9 in a reasonable amount of time.

  Most people, and this includes the majority of OLPC users, just go
"Gnash doesn't work" or "Gnash will never be complete", and just install
the Adobe player as the easy path to what they're used to. If people
were willing to work with us on actually tracking down what the bugs are
so we can fix them, or working on producing SWF content that has been
tested with Gnash, we'd get more accomplished.

	- rob -

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