1789 - sugar does not boot (1788 and 1790 either)

Mark Bauer mark at zjunk.net
Sat Mar 22 14:37:27 EDT 2008

I also have had issues with builds 1788 and 1790.  These would also  
not boot.
I resorted back to 1784 to get it to boot.  With 1788 it looked like  
it was locked up,
but the power button still puts it in suspend and brings it out  
again.  Ctl alt F1 to
get to another screen did nothing until pressing suspend again a few  
times.  It is
like the keyboard isn't generating interrupts, The keystrokes are  
remembered and
processed eventually by pressing power button several times.  Waited  
until today
and upgraded to 1790 and it didn't boot either.  Anything else I can  
test to help???



On Mar 22, 2008, at 12:03 PM, Dennis Gilmore wrote:

> On Saturday 22 March 2008 11:52:47 am Michael Stone wrote:
>> Mikus,
>> Thanks for the experience report. Have you tried holding the
>>   '✓' (check) gamepad key in order to disable pretty-boot?
>> Joyride is definitely not supposed to be broken, but it's hard to  
>> tell
>> what to revert without better knowledge of what's actually failing.
>> Examining
>>   http://dev.laptop.org/~rwh/announcer/joyride-pkgs.html
>> I suspect kbd-1.12-22 -> 1.12-23 since we know that 1.12-23
>> (accidentally) contains an html file describing a spanish keyboard  
>> map
>> instead of the map itself.
> does 1788 work for you?  im wondering if libnl 1.1-1.fc7  is to blame.
> i had systems boot fine with kbd-1.12-23  installed they just used  
> an english
> not spanish keymap on the console
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> Dennis Gilmore
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