Call for Papers/Talks/Ideas! "Update.2 Mini-Conference"

C. Scott Ananian cscott at
Fri Mar 21 12:47:05 EDT 2008

As we draw the update.1 process to a close, we need to start thinking
about where we want to go with Update.2 and beyond.  There are lots of
great ideas, both here at 1cc and in the community, about our
architecture and UI.  It's hard to compare ideas when they live in the
heads of small groups of people -- hence, let's have a conference!
Let's present our ideas for what our different pieces should look
like, see if we can make the whole thing hang together, and map out a
roadmap for getting to the glorious future.

WHO: you!  The OLPC developer and user community.

WHEN: not less than a week from now, not more than 3 weeks.  Suggest
good dates, and whether you'd be willing to travel to 1cc.

HOW: email cscott at and cc devel at .  Subject: "Mini-Conference
Proposal: <brief title>"

WHAT: short abstracts, full papers, talks/slides.  For the moment,
submit JUST A SHORT PARAGRAPH outlining (each) thing you've got an
idea about and would like to present.  Depending on volume of response
and your location, a written paper, a talk, or a panel discussion
might be more appropriate; for now just put in your RSVP for a topic.

WHERE: probably in the Cambridge, MA area; portions (or all) might be
conducted via tele/videoconference or online, or posted for
after-the-fact viewing.  (Again, depends on who submits proposals!)

Some topic suggestions:
 * Better integration with standard Linux distributions (think
Edubuntu, for example)
 * UI design, future directions, user experiences
 * Sharing architectures (datastore, journal, school server) and the
"Bulletin Board"
 * Improving "View source"
 * Network architectures (peer-to-peer, getting through NATs, IPv6,
efficient update distribution)
 * Other stuff!  (collaboration via multi-pointer X, X security,
"click to localize", etc, etc)

I'll post my own proposal immediately following this message as an example.

 ( )

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