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Charles Shapiro hooterpincher at gmail.com
Sat Mar 8 18:15:34 EST 2008

The first thing I had to do with my G1G1 laptop was swap the buttons on the
trackpad so that I could use it left-handed.  I figure that someone not
Steeped in the Way of X Windows might have troubles with this, so I've been
writing an Activity to handle it from the Sugar GUI.  So far I have some
working Sugar UI code and a back-end that will edit the ${HOME}/.xsession
file to make the changes permanent.  The UI works on my XO, and the back-end
unit tests fine on sample files. All together it is about 8 files: about 250
lines of python code, a glade xml file, and a couple of rather ugly .png
files.  I haven't connected the back-end to the UI code just yet.  I don't
know how or if I can circumvent the security on the box to actually write to
${HOME}/.xsession from a Sugar activity.

I'm a little at sea about how to 'announce' this project or post the source
I have.  The wiki has a list of projects (
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Software_projects ) but I can't quite see how to
add a new one there.   Looks like I need to say something to this list in
order to get access to a git repository, which I'd like to have at this
point. I'll also need some help with glade and the .png files, which look
truly hideous and ugly.  I haven't started to think about I18N yet, although
fortunately I think I'm looking at only a few words for translation.

-- CHS
(Charles Shapiro, Atlanta, GA)
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