Adding new post script fonts to the OLPC

Jim Gettys jg at
Thu Jul 31 09:50:29 EDT 2008

We do not run the font server (fs), nor do we believe it is wise to
think so.

The old server side font mechanism in X are very much on the way out (as
in, I haven't seen one on my regular laptop screen in a year or more).

What application are you running that needs the old font system?
                       - Jim

On Thu, 2008-07-31 at 15:40 +0530, shivaprasad javali wrote:
> Hi ,
>     I am trying to use an application which can use only postscript
> fonts but not truetype fonts on the olpc. So I copied some postscript
> font files from a normal fedora 7 machine onto the olpc
> under /usr/share/fonts/local and then added the paths to xfs using
> chkfontpath command. Then restart the Xserver . The application uses
> normal XWindows functions such as XListFonts etc.. to list all the
> fonts available. After doing all this my application could not
> recognise the new fonts. 
>    A similar approach worked for me on a normal fedora 7 machine but
> not on the olpc. Abiwpord could recognise these fonts also on the
> OLPC. Could anybody figure out why this could be so and what I need to
> do to get this working.
> Thanks
> Shivaprasad
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