Notes from today's Release Meeting(s)

Michael Stone michael at
Wed Jul 30 10:59:43 EDT 2008

On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 09:49:23PM -0700, S Page wrote:
> Michael Stone wrote:
>> 5. Separately, I wish we were receiving even more volunteer testing. Can you
>> help out? Fame, glory, and the undying gratitude of hundreds of thousands of
>> children await you!
> Background: I'm just a G1G1.  I don't have a "Developer key", but on my  
> own initiative I installed candidate-703 and candidate-708 using  
> olpc-update and provided some feedback and bug reports.
> ...
> More clarity.

Is more clarity needed more in some fora than in others? 

> Is this "nominated Wednesday build" going to be a candidate build that  
> mere users can install using olpc-update, or do I need the fabled bronze  
> "Developer key" to become a joyride-like tester of nominated 8.2 builds?

It will soon, but not yet. In a few weeks, once we're more confident in the
sustainability and security of the build, then we'll publish an official
candidate build with cryptographic signatures that mark it as "suitable
for mass installation".

>> and that cloning/updating the "Friends in Testing"
>> page would be useful.
> I'd never heard of <>

"I've never heard of X" is a rather consistent refrain. Hrm.

> I did sign up for  
> <>


> I think once OLPC has a candidate build that people can install using  
> olpc-update and has been "smoke-tested", then it can publicize it on  
>,,, etc.  Another mailing  
> list won't help as much to get the word out.


> I'm not so sure.  If you want more testing, just publicize as above.  I  
> didn't hear about candidate builds until I started following devel and  
> figured out the wiki's green "Latest Releases" box. 

Should we make the "Latest Releases" box more prominent or readable?

> Me too, especially if there's clarity about olpc-update vs. the fabled  
> "developer key".

You should probably request a developer key:

It will make your life as a tester much, much easier. Besides - Forth is


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