New joyride build 2222

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Tue Jul 29 19:56:48 EDT 2008

>> > Anyone whose activities use Numerical arrays in Python should check that
>> > they still work in 2222+.  If anything is broken, I'll be happy to help
>> > fix it.  The only Activity I am sure needs to be checked is Measure.
>> I can confirm that Measure does NOT work.
> Which version of Measure?

> What is the problem with it?
When I launched it from Home View, its icon blinked and blinked and 
eventually disappeared.  The screen drawn by the Activity itself 
never appeared.

> Which version of joyride did it last work in?
I do not remember.

> You may be seeing #7467
No.  #7467 describes a "Not implemented" error.
What I described never got that far.

>> Neither does PlayGo.
> Same questions.
Version 1.  Same problem.  Don't remember which version it last 
worked in.  #7467 does not mention PlayGo.

> Do both of these activities use Numeric?
I have no idea.  For me, both of these activities logged an error 
something along the lines of "'numeric' not found".

After I installed the rpm for python-numeric, both activities 
launched into their Activity-drawn screens.


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