Cannot boot joyride-2200 from USB stick

Ton van Overbeek tvoverbeek at
Mon Jul 28 14:08:08 EDT 2008

Deepak Saxena wrote:
> On Jul 26 2008, at 21:44, Ton van Overbeek was caught saying:
>> Deepak Saxena wrote:
>>> Sigh++ Bought a 1G microSD with a usb adapter and it happens to be one
>>> that OpenFirmware cannot talk to so I can't boot off it. Just wanted
>>> to give you an update that this is still on my plate, just seems to be
>>> hitting every roadblock in the way of solving it. :O
>>> ~Deepak
>> One more data point.
>> After some initial peeking in the ramdisk, I copied the 2212 ext3 image 
>> to a SD card,
>> inserted it in the XO and tried to boot from it.
>> That works !!!
>> Of course, no activities since /home/olpc is also on the SD card and the 
>> jffs does not get mounted.
>> So it seems USB is the problem. There is one warning message early in 
>> the boot at approximately
>> 2 seconds about using an obsolete function in the sd driver, to use 
>> bus-methods instead.
>> I am writing from memory, so this is not exact. Could this have 
>> something to do with it, since the
>> sd driver is needed for USB?
> USB needs sd_mod which is still built into the kernel. Issue ended up being
> that we need to load ohci-hcd, not ehci-scd. Working ramdisk @:
> ~Deepak
Thanks Deepak.
I am now at work away from my XO. Will try tonight and let you know if 
it works for me.


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