New joyride build 2207

Build Announcer v2 reinier at
Thu Jul 24 20:38:48 EDT 2008

Changes in build 2207 from build: 2206

Size delta: -1.31M

-gdb 6.8-11.fc9
+gdb 6.8-12.fc9
-kernel 2.6.25-20080722.2.olpc.d86980aeb8d0adb
+kernel 2.6.25-20080724.1.olpc.284cecf34b83fb0
-ntp-ntpdate 4.2.4p4-1.olpc3
+ntp-ntpdate 4.2.4p4-7.olpc3
-olpc-utils 0.80-1.olpc3
+olpc-utils 0.81-1.olpc3
-rainbow 0.7.14-1.fc9
+rainbow 0.7.16-1.fc9
-cyrus-sasl-lib 2.1.22-13.fc9
+cyrus-sasl-lib 2.1.22-15.fc9
-glib2 2.16.4-1.fc9
+glib2 2.16.5-1.fc9
-gstreamer-plugins-good 0.10.8-7.fc9
+gstreamer-plugins-good 0.10.8-8.fc9

--- Changes for gdb 6.8-12.fc9 from 6.8-11.fc9 ---
  + Temporarily disable attaching to a stopped process (BZ 453688)
  + To be reintroduced after a fix of the kernel BZ 454404.

--- Changes for glib2 2.16.5-1.fc9 from 2.16.4-1.fc9 ---
  + Update to 2.16.5

--- Changes for gstreamer-plugins-good 0.10.8-8.fc9 from 0.10.8-7.fc9 ---
  + gst-plugins-good-0.10.8-v4l2-progressive-fix.patch: Backport v4l2

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