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Forgive my interjection. is already set up as a forum. While there seem to be more users over at the olpcnews forum, this one is still used for suggestions/help/news, etc. 



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On the other hand, maybe what we need more is a forum space.  We have the
wiki, and we have the bug system, but we don't have an interactive space
where people can ask questions and help each other find solutions. I think
this was one of the goals you had in mind for the site, and I think a forum
might be a more appropriate manifestation of that.  If that's something we
seriously want to do (, or similar?), we should research
some available open source solutions and choose one which would best suit
our needs.  There would still be a fair bit of work involved in setting it
up and theming it appropriately, as well as need for moderation and such,
but over time that kind of administration could be handled largely by
community.  Such an initiative could also benefit the support folks by
providing a more self-sustaining method for people to ask and answer

- Eben


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