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Sat Jul 19 01:31:17 EDT 2008

Hi Ankur,

note I've edited the CC list a bit :-)

2008/7/18 Ankur Verma <ankur at>:
> I am able to receive SMS text messages through a mobile phone intended to be
> attached to school server. I need to forward this message to a specific XO
> connected on the jabber server. At this moment, I have the message in the
> format XO_name:SMS_Message. My plan is:

Good to hear you can catch the message. You will want to be talking to
ejabberd directly - but I don't have the foggiest idea how you can do
that. Perhaps google a bit around for scripts to inject messages into
ejabberd's message queue?

> 1. Get information (Unfriendly Jabber ID? or Nick?) about all the XOs
> connected.
> 2. Compare against the XO_name in message.
> 3. Send SMS_message to it in the form of XMPP message.
> Kindly tell me how should I proceed? I will appreciate any
> pointers/alternative approaches from your side.

I don't really know myself - I will need it relatively soon, so if you
find out, let us know :-) Probably the Colabora guys know. Or ask in
the ejabberd mailing list.


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