New joyride build 2172

Morgan Collett morgan.collett at
Thu Jul 17 04:38:45 EDT 2008

On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 05:40, Daniel Drake <dsd at> wrote:
> Build Announcer v2 wrote:
>> Changes in build 2172 from build: 2171
>> Size delta: -4.85M
> Can anyone see why my public_rpms for gnome-python2 and
> gnome-python2-gnomevfs did not get included?
> Other packages from my public_rpms fell in place just fine (e.g.
> totem-pl-parser).
> The gnome-python stuff should knock libgnome and a load of other stuff
> out of the build.
shows gnome-python2-gnomevfs 2.22.1-2.fc9 which is newer than your
package (gnome-python2-gnomevfs-2.22.1-1.olpc3.i386.rpm). Perhaps you
need to rev your release number?


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