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Richard A. Smith richard at
Wed Jul 16 11:42:48 EDT 2008

David Leeming wrote:

> The cp command gave a string of complaints that the source and destination
> files "are the same file". I am therefore unsure if it worked successfully
> as per the comment below on the wiki page. However after a reboot the
> touchpad still works...
>>>>> If you omit the -a in the above recipe, the vmlinuz symlink will not be
> updated correctly

nod.  There's a lot of noise when you do the copy.  A quick ls -l to 
verify that the bzImage symlink now points at your new kernel can be 
used if you have doubts.  And then uname -a when you reboot to verify 
the commit ID matches what you think you installed.  Always a good 
check.  I've installed the wrong .rpm a few times.

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