State of 8.2.0, July 12, 2008

Marco Pesenti Gritti mpgritti at
Sun Jul 13 14:31:29 EDT 2008

On Sun, Jul 13, 2008 at 6:45 PM, Michael Stone <michael at> wrote:
>> What do you mean with "positive report"?
> The same statement that a tag like 'joyride-2153:+' means: someone
> specifically retested an issue on a build known to contain the
> package(s) you want to ship and could not reproduce the issue according
> to the testcase(s) discussed in the ticket.

For many modules you will not have a one to one mapping between a
ticket and a package. You will usually have several tickets related to
a single package and also multiple packages related to a single

This is just to say that "Dennis will automatically merge changes from
joyride into the 8.2 stream as soon as he sees a positive report about
the changes" is unlikely to happen.

>> Do we need to notify Dennis as soon as we verified the changes are
>> working? If so, how?
> a) How would you like to do so?

Well, ideally I'd like to do it with bodhi:

If that's not possible we could use trac in a similar way, i.e. open a
ticket with a list of nvr to tag (and probably with references to the
tickets the package fixes).

> b) Do you agree that it's a good idea to start maintaining both a
>   development and a release buildstream now? Would you prefer to wait
>   for a few more days? If so, why?

I'm just back from vacation and I don't have a very good view of the
state of things yet. But my feeling is that we could do it a long as
we are able to get good responsiveness on the "please tag package X"
requests, 1-2 days max.

>> > Joe really needs nice package-level changelogs in order to quickly figure out
>> > exactly which individual issues he's supposed to be testing in a given build.
>> > I'm sure he'll give us some hints soon about what he wants to see; in the
>> > meantime, please put some extra effort into writing informative changelog
>> > entries that will be useful for QA (and for me). (I'm looking at you, kernel
>> > team!)
>> For the Sugar packages what we can easily produce is a list of tickets
>> that has been fixed (we have a ticket for each change) and testcases
>> for these fixes. These can be generated automatically from the git log
>> so that we don't put too much overhead on the module maintainers.
> I've seen. Could you post a link to the code which performs this task so
> that we can see whether it can be extended to other subsystems? (Also,
> does it publish any web-pages or is it email-only?)

ReleaseReport class in here:;a=blob;f=scripts/;h=566c7680c049b4005246e06283f49aa7d485dca0;hb=HEAD

It just print out the report results at the moment. I'm happy to tweak
it to "push" the reports as appropriate as soon as I know in what form
the testing team would like to have changelogs/testcases reported.


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