Jumpy touch pad observation

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Thu Jul 10 19:59:38 EDT 2008

G'day Gary,

Have you another power supply you can try with?

What sort of power supply are you using?  Is it one of the B4 range with
white label, a model number P018WA120J and a single screw?  Or one of
the XO branded ones with green label from Delta Electronics Inc.  Or
something different?

Would you happen to have a ferrite toroid you could clamp on the end of
the DC cable?  Wrap the cable through the toroid as many times as you
can, and this will help block RF interference from any radio sources
nearby.  If this solves the symptom, then you may be in an environment
that has a lot of radiofrequency energy.

(I've seen some strange things happen when I've used an amateur radio
nearby, but the field strengths I've used are somewhat out of the

The guys working on the touchpad driver changes could also have a lot to
say ... but the B4 hardware isn't exactly an interesting thing since it
isn't what is being made.

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