Jumpy touch pad observation

Gary C Martin gary at garycmartin.com
Thu Jul 10 17:26:20 EDT 2008

Forgive me if I'm about to start an old wives tale, but I've  
encountered the jumpy touch pad issues quite a lot on the B4 XO I have  
here for testing. I'm currently running a recent joyride (2137) and  
firmware (Q2D16) and am still encountering issues.

Observation: If the XO is fully charged and still plugged in to mains  
supply the jumpiness can be very persistent, however if I unplug the  
power adapter, the XO seems to then correctly re-calibrate within  

I've been trying to confirm this each time I get a jumping cursor  
(over a month or two now), there are several causes (random taps, wet  
hands, smudges on pad etc), but unplugging does seems to help it  
settle down when it's in one of it's persistent 'not able to re- 
calibrate' moods.

Maybe just something with my B4 hardware, but thought it worth  
mentioning here. With the recent driver re-work I think it may be  
easier to catch** now.

**easy to tell that the driver is unhappy with data from the pad as  
the cursor clearly stops moving for a few seconds while it tries to re- 
calibrate, cursor will keep stopping like this every few seconds until  
you stop faffing and take your hands off the pad for ~3 sec (so it can  
successfully re-calibrate the HW).


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