Tuesday Release Meeting - Notes

Greg Smith gregsmitholpc at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 11:30:17 EDT 2008

Hi Chris,

Great notes! Short and informative. I don't you or Gobby gets the 
credit, but thanks regardless.

Two suggestions for next week's meeting.

1 - Let's take agenda items in advance and set the agenda in advance. We 
can do a brief agenda review but I hope we can spend most of the meeting 
on substantive work and not setting the agenda.

2 - Let's roll over AI status as the first item each week. Once they are 
done, you can put a brief note in the minutes saying done and adding a 
link as needed. If they are still open they go on the open AI list until 
t hey are closed one way or another.

I have one big one for next weeks agenda:
Backward compatibility of activities.


Greg S

Date: Tue, 08 Jul 2008 15:35:49 -0400
From: Chris Ball <cjb at laptop.org>
Subject: Re: Reminder: Tuesday Release & Wednesday Software Meetings
	-- 2:00	PM EDT, #olpc-meeting on irc.freenode.org
To: Michael Stone <michael at laptop.org>
Cc: devel at lists.laptop.org
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    > We'd like to try out using Gobby to record the agenda and minutes
    > for Tuesday's release meeting.  If you have an XO and will be
    > joining the meeting, please run "yum install gobby" beforehand, or
    > "apt-get install gobby" on an Ubuntu laptop.  The server will be at
    > pullcord.laptop.org.

And here are our minutes and action items:


    cjb cscott erikg dsd pgf dsaxena tomeu ypod dgilmore bemasc bert
    Charlie (Celkan) Kim mstone Gregorio unmadindu walter martin_xsa


* Ypod mentioned that it's hard to get the hang of Koji.  We agreed,
   and offered to sit down with him to explain.  Cjb asserted that a
   package being outside of Koji should not impede that package making
   it into a build for testing via the dropbox system.

   AI: cjb and mstone to meet with ypod.

* Trac process: In response to ticket workflow questions (specifically:
   when should tickets get closed), Michael suggested the following
   process through Trac "next action" states:

     code -> package -> add to build -> developer test in build

   After testing, the developer tags the bug with the results, e.g.:
     joyride-2126:-    or   joyride-2126:+

   if +, the developer moves the ticket's "next action" to "finalize"
   QA will then close the ticket at some later stage, perhaps after
   making relevant additions to the release notes.

   AI: Joe will call a Trac meeting to discuss this later this week.

* The changelog tools we have aren't very good.  We should improve them.

   AI: Chris, Michael and Dennis to meet to work on changelog tools.

* Which build should be used for testing?  Joyride-2128 -- earlier
   builds lost olpc-netlog, which is required for testing.

* Metrics for "release readiness".  cscott sent mail to devel recapping
   the "state of the update.1" email

   AI: Chris to help with finding a metric we can use to define
       release-readiness, such as (but better than) number of
       blocker bugs open.

* Better user feedback from the field?  David Cavallo wants to talk
   to us about what the learning team is up to later this week.

* Greg brought up there not being a release contract for touchpad
   improvements.  The touchpad driver change is now present in latest
   joyrides; needs testing.

* Status of 8.2.0.

   AI: Michael to send out 8.2.0 status e-mail by Friday.  Should
       identify a "test candidate" and maybe a short explanation of
       what to expect from it.

   AI: Joe to test joyride-2128, report back.

* How will we write release notes for 8.2?  Mstone, Greg, Kim and Jim
   will do so together here:


- Chris.
-- Chris Ball <cjb at laptop.org>

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