Introduction to `picker' and git link

Riccardo Lucchese riccardo.lucchese at
Tue Jul 8 17:54:45 EDT 2008


as part of my intern work on profiling sugar, I've written a little application
for gathering system and per process statistic from /proc called.

It may reveal itself useful in catching interferences between processes or
when profiling cpu/mem usage of long running processes.

In fact there are two executables, picker and grapher. For my purposes
picker is run on the xo and grapher on a pc to output pretty figures
from the statistics blob generated by the first.

An example figure can be found at:
  (it's quite big; better not to open it in a browser)

This figure shows the xo boot (starting from start() in sshd's init script)
and lasts for 120sec (the sampling rate is 10Hz); the figure was generated
by only showing the processes with higher cpu-time and that took up to
75% of the
total cpu-time taken by all processes running on the xo for the `picking' time.

In the future grapher may be extended to show more info,
and maybe integrate timed sugar debug logs.

Git tree is at:

Both executables take the -h option.

Questions, hints, requests or bug reports .. I appreciate them all ;)


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