Reminder: Tuesday Release & Wednesday Software Meetings -- 2:00 PM EDT, #olpc-meeting on

Chris Ball cjb at
Wed Jul 9 15:50:58 EDT 2008


   > We should meet to discuss our release at a high level (procedures,
   > resources) and at a low level (tickets). This week, we will meet at
   > our regular places and times -- 2:00 PM EDT on Tuesday (high-level)
   > and Wednesday (low-level) in #olpc-meeting on for
   > these meetings.

Here are the minutes from today's status meeting:

Minutes, 2008-07-09:

* Michael is pleased with progress on:
  Sugar:  #7339, #7348, #7365
  dsd:    #7294, #6850

* Requires more help:
  #7444:  cannot close a shared activity when the initiator has disconnected
   \- morgs to investigate, see if activities other than Write are affected,
      report back within two days

  #7319:  Presence broken in olpc3
   \- Charlie:  seems broken on salut+mesh, not salut+infra or gabble
   \- collaboration broken too.
   \- morgs recommends Sjoerd to investigate
   \- wad asked:  Is the driver properly setting the multicast mask in
      the firmware?
   \- Charlie says that laptops aren't switching over to gabble
      properly, either:
        "the laptops don't switch to gabble right away, and it sometimes
        takes a few reboots to get them to switch"

  #6825:  Problems with email webfrontend
   \- seems to be a conflict between Sugar design and popups
   \- suggested that we relnote it, invite UY to install Firefox instead,
      possibly fix later (post 8.2) by adding tabs to our browser

  #7071:  Activities cannot be deleted via GUI
   \- tomeu is working on in, nearly finished/ready to ship

  #7375:  library bundles fail to install from the Journal or from USB
          sticks in 708
   \- mstone will follow up

  #7205:  Building pippy bundles no longer works.
   \- seems to be being ignored.

  #7353  : F-9 bloat
   \- needs help. Lots of Fedora people are paying attention to this
      right now so we should try to make use of their talents.

  Activity updates:
   \- cscott has an activity updater activity.
   \- marco has a Help activity that needs an icon and content.

- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb at>

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