qemu on Kubuntu - error regarding 3dnow support.

Torello Querci torello at torosoft.com
Wed Jul 9 09:14:22 EDT 2008

Hi Joel

Alle mercoledì 9 luglio 2008, Joel Stanley ha scritto:
> On Sun, Jun 29, 2008 at 1:35 AM, Kent Dahl <kentda at pvv.org> wrote:
> > I was going through the instruction on the Wiki regarding setup of qemu
> > on Linux:
> > http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Emulating_the_XO/Quick_Start/Linux
> >
> > But once I select a boot entry (such as 'OLPC for qemu target (Full
> > size)') it fails to load the kernel with the message:
> >        This kernel requires the following features not present on the
> > CPU: 3dnow
> >        Unable to boot - please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU.
> I'm seeing the same.
> As of 2.6.23, if the kernel is configured with support for instruction
> set extensions, it will refuse to boot without the presence of the
> flags that indicate support for those instructions.  Some digging
> revealed a patch[1] for qemu that enables 3dnow emulation, but it
> hasn't been merged to qemu svn.
> How much do we gain from having 3DNow support turned on in the
> kernels?  If the difference is small, perhaps we could disable it?
> Is booting xo images under qemu still worthwhile functionality to
> include, now that there are other options for running Sugar, as well
> higher[2] availability of XO's for developers?  If this path was
> taken, software such as grub and additional drivers could be dropped
> in return for free space on the NAND.
Having a linux kernel that run at the maximum speed is right for jffs2 image 
where the target if the real device.
The ext2 image, I suppose, is oriented to be used in external device or 
virtualization system. If qemu, vmware and virtualbox are not able to handle 
3dnow extension, since I suppose to be run on more power system like AMD64 or 
IntelCore3, I think that is better if this option is not enbaled on this 
image type.
If this is wrong, I hope there is a kernel version that can be used on this 
virtualization tool from the GRUB menu.

My 2 cent

Regards, Torello

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