Incidental notes.

Michael Stone michael at
Tue Jul 8 20:40:36 EDT 2008

I worked on a couple of things over the weekend that may be of interest
to random passers-by. They include:

* new rainbow ('cli' branch of users/mstone/security) and nss-rainbow
  source code which lets you use rainbow from the command line and which
  permits rainbow to add accounts to the system without touching
  /etc/passwd or /etc/group

* updates to the puritan UI and the f9 compilation which make combine to
  deliver a bootable image. (As of this instant, you'll need to start X
  manually with /

Both are quite raw and are certainly buggy; hence, I don't really
recommend them for the faint-of-heart. However, both do let you do some
cool things that are difficult to achieve with other technology.

These will each make their way into testing packages "someday soon".
Poke me if you want to see them sooner.


P.S. - Is sugar supposed to crash if the PS is unavailable on startup?

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