Inappropriate use of private meetings & lists. (reply to).

Dennis Gilmore dennis at
Wed Jul 2 13:33:13 EDT 2008

On Wednesday 02 July 2008, Carol Lerche wrote:
> I don't understand the argument that forcing "Reply-to" to be back to the
> list eradicates a list participant's ability to get the reply on their
> preferred email address.  Presumably they replied to the list via this
> address.  By forcing "Reply-to" to the list address, all subscribers should
> receive the reply in the way they specified when they subscribed to it.
> What am I missing?

by setting the replyto the list i wont get ccd on email when people reply to 
all  because that is the easy way to make sure it goes back to the list in the 
current setup.  instead I will get responses via mailmain and not direct and 
the mail will have the X-BeenThere header and will be filed appropriately on my 
mail server. 

mailmans recommendation works if you use the list to start private 
conversations.  but when you want public discussion as we do.  you are much 
better off setting ReplyTo the list.  Please someone who is an admin set the 
replyto the list.

> 2008/7/2 Dennis Gilmore <dennis at>:
> > On Wednesday 02 July 2008, Jim Gettys wrote:
> > > Here's mailman's recommendation about replyto...
> > >
> > >
> > >                      - Jim
> >
> > I personally really dislike being CC'd on lists im subscribed to I find
> > it extremely poor netiquette  of all the mailing lists im subscribed to
> > OLPC's are the only ones that dont set replyto the list.  It and the huge
> > amount of
> > cross posting on OLPC lists really irritate me. its a very standard
> > convention
> > to keep list mail on lists.  if you need to take something off list  then
> > you
> > should go through the steps needed to do so.  i personally always use the
> > reply to list option my client gives me.
> >
> > When i get CC'd i dont get the mailman email only the cc'd one which goes
> > to
> > different folders where i might not see the mail for awhile. It outright
> > breaks
> > my procmail recipes, because mailman correctly doesnt send me a duplicate
> > email.  I filter my list mail based on the X-BeenThere: header
> >
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