[SURVEY] builders, how do you build? what do you build?

Guillaume Desmottes guillaume.desmottes at collabora.co.uk
Tue Jul 1 03:36:14 EDT 2008

Le vendredi 27 juin 2008 à 17:23 -0400, Erik Garrison a écrit :
> Developers, specifically those running build systems,
> Many of us are confused about the software flows inherent in the daily
> build processes which are occuring at OLPC.  I would like to conduct a
> simple survey of all people building software for OLPC so that all of us
> can better understand the sources of the software running on the XO and
> XS without individually hassling the responsible parties every time we
> have generic questions about their build processes.
> Builders, please describe your local build network:
> 0) Who are you and who do you directly work for?

Guillaume Desmottes, working for Collabora Ltd.

> 1) What do you build?

The Telepathy Stack: telepathy-gabble, telepathy-glib, telepathy-salut,
The Farsight Stack (used for the video-chat activity): farsight,
gstreamer-plugins-farsight, libjingle

and sugar-presence-service.

> 2) Where does it come from? / Who directly provides you with source code?

Most of the time I package mine own new releases (as I'm upstream of the
presence-service, Gabble and Salut) or include a patch I just wrote to
fix some issue.

I also occasionally package latest stable releases of the rest of the
stack when I need one new feature or I know it improves general

> 3) Where does the output of your build process go?  / Who handles the
> immediate output of your builds?

Directly to Koji.

> 4) Where specifically is it built? (I want server names and/or
> descriptions, where security is a concern please share them with me
> privately.)

My builds are submitted from teach.laptop.org to Koji.

> 5) What build systems do you use to build software?  Please briefly
> describe their operation or provide a link to documentation or source
> code which does.

No idea :)

Hope that help,


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