Bernardo Innocenti bernie at laptop.org
Sun Jan 20 21:15:48 EST 2008

Bryan Duff wrote:

> After compiling in mesa source to get GLX working on the FC7-based
> builds.  Running `glxgears -fullscreen` I get ~25 fps.  Compared to
> Ubuntu which gets 65 fps, this is rather poor.

One last thing: I'm very curious about this disparity: could
you please provide more details?  What versions of Mesa
and the X servers have you been using?  Was the depth exactly
the same?  Could you run glxinfo on both systems?  How did
you build the Fedora X server?  What compiler did you use
and what optimization flags?

There should be no particular reason why Ubuntu would have
better *software* GL rendering performance than Fedora,
although hardy ships with gcc 4.2, which could make a big

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