Bryan Duff duff0097 at umn.edu
Sun Jan 20 12:06:07 EST 2008

After compiling in mesa source to get GLX working on the FC7-based
builds.  Running `glxgears -fullscreen` I get ~25 fps.  Compared to
Ubuntu which gets 65 fps, this is rather poor.

I think the Ubuntu performance shows that 3D (albeit simple 3D) is very
possible and worthwhile.

I've tried the amd and fbdev drivers - they make no performance
difference.  Neither does i386 versus i586 (w/ mmx and 3dnow! included
in cflags).

I haven't tried DRI.  I don't understand how it would help if I
understand DRI correctly, but perhaps I'm missing something.  I have no
idea if processes that are re-niced automatically, or  have some sort of
resource limitation.

I'm using the default xorg.conf.  I hope the problem is something simple
that I'm not seeing.


-Bryan Duff

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