SD card won't power up in OFW

David Howard sparky at
Sun Jan 20 01:23:40 EST 2008

Saw a short thread with this subject in December 2007.

I also got the "SDHCI: Card didn't power up after 1 second" message.

The SD is a Toshiba SDHC 4GB.

Q2D07 and 650/653/656 OS.  I tried last two on the SD after verifying  
the images with Q (QEMU).

Here is where it's more interesting.  I imaged the SD from my Mac  
using an Ativa SD to USB gizmo.  If I put the SD with no changes into  
the USB adapter it boots the OLPC fine.

I've used the instructions at:

and a slight variation of the instructions at:

The variation being I skipped the RPM part since I imaged with a  
stable build.

Santa Fe Dave

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