Xo-get with GUI (pyGTK)

Bruno Coudoin bruno.coudoin at free.fr
Mon Jan 21 10:43:35 EST 2008

> The project is advancing rapidly, ideas for further development are very
> welcome!
That sounds a great tool for XO users.

As the GCompris maintainer, I have some problems that I would like to discuss,
perhaps not specific to your script.

* Hosting:

GCompris is huge and I currently host our bundles on our main web site server.
With the number of XO users expanding rapidly, I won't be able to sustain it. I
could move them to Sourceforge but it's a pain to upload a single file there, I
can't imagine uploading 100 files.
To give an idea, GCompris have currently 2GB/Day upload average.

* Versioning

I create a new bundle version at each release but how should I release the new
bundles. How will your script handle that.

* I18N

I currently bundle only the Spanish translations (and English from the code).
Since GCompris is translated as a whole, each po files are rather big
(100KB/language). If I bundle all the po, we may end up with 4MB per bundle,
just for the translations files.
I have the same problem with audio voices that maybe shared by several GC
bundles. Perhaps an option would be to have a language support bundle but I
don't know if it's feasible or if it's the right way to do it.

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