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Jim Gettys jg at laptop.org
Sat Jan 19 13:34:56 EST 2008

One other note, from what I've observed in trac about Joyride 1551:
apparently we may be in the reverse situation from before, with working
WPA and broken WEP wireless encryption, though I haven't confirmed this
first hand.  Testing (and fixes!) gratefully accepted...
                             - Jim

On Sat, 2008-01-19 at 10:40 -0500, Jim Gettys wrote:
> Update.1
> ========
> Update 1 is about to start the release process. Update.1RC1 is almost
> ready (by sometime Monday I hope). 
> The first order of business for everyone with code in the build should
> be to go through closed bugs for Update.1 and verify they are fixed
> (you've been wondering what the little checkbox was for, haven't you)
> that they are fixed in the Update.1 build. Please also close bugs that
> you've fixed, but forgotten to close.
> Suspend and resume is turned on (on MP systems); this will be ongoing
> work to improve into the indefinite future.  See this as a work in
> progress. Suspend and resume will only operate fully on mass production
> machines, since prototypes had hardware problems.  On B4's, the plan for
> RC1 is to allow manual sleep (momentary push of the power button will
> suspend the machine), though that is not in Joyride 1551.
> Rainbow security is enabled.  The Web browser has been updated to use
> the technology in Firefox 3 Beta 2, which is significantly faster and
> better at memory usage. Innumerable bugs have been fixed.  Performance
> is significantly improved. Memory and file leakage of the system is
> reduced.
> Update.1RC1
> -----------
> Joyride 1551 is very, very close to Update.1RC1's contents, though has
> some additional activities we do no plan to ship in Update.1 bundled on
> the base system.  Those developers of you who read this over the weekend
> before the Update.1RC1 build is available please make sure to update to
> the the new firmware version (Q2D09), which is necessary to fix a number
> of key bugs for suspend and resume. We hope the firmware process will be
> automated in the real Update.1RC1 build.
> RC2 will pick up additional translations and key bug fixes that missed
> RC1. The community is working to complete the Spanish translation, which
> was not complete by the string freeze date due to the holidays.  There
> will therefore be a refresh of packages to complete the translations.
> Activity developers should only be picking up translations (and fixes
> for approved bugs).
> RC3 is intended to pick up critical bug fixes discovered during testing,
> and is the first candidate that is a real candidate for widespread
> release.  We'll do an RC4 if necessary.
> Testing
> =======
> Joyride will be reopened for the start of Update.2 development later
> this week just after Update.1RC1 is available.  
> As soon as RC1 is available, we will start a testing cycle:
>         o suspend/resume cycling for reliability.  During the run up to
> mass production the hardware/firmware was found to be able to reliably
> suspend/resume at least 50,000 cycles (the length of the tests we were
> willing to tolerate). We need to ensure there are not software or
> firmware regressions in this area.
>         o scaling tests - we need to ensure sane behavior of the systems
> in circumstances such as 300 children resuming their laptops all at once
> in the morning.
>         o verification of power use in different use states, on our
> power measurement systems.
>         o wireless driver testing and upgrade testing
>         o testing with the school server software
> 	o application testing: Kim Quirk has been hard at work with others on
> getting together test plans for core applications.
> Those with blocking issues or who can help with them should stay focused
> on those tasks, and the first order of business is for everyone to go
> through their fixed bugs and *verify* they are fixed.
> Thank you all for your hard work! Many children all over the world
> benefit immensely from your dedication
>                                  - Jim
Jim Gettys
One Laptop Per Child

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