Testing the Wireless driver changes

Edward Cherlin echerlin at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 17:01:57 EST 2008

2008/1/16 Ricardo Carrano <carrano at ricardocarrano.com>:
> IMHO, there is no point in investing time in mesh stop/start now (or any
> time in the future unless there is a strong reason for that - which we lack
> now).

The stated reason for wanting this feature is to easily disable
wireless before getting on an airplane. There is a way to do it at the
command line, but I don't see government ministers and education
officials doing that with any reliability.

If all you want is transport, you can take out the battery pack, but
if the mesh is not disabled, it will come alive when the battery pack
is inserted, long before you can boot and get to a command line to
turn it off. I am quite certain that some of the aforementioned
ministers and officials will want to show off their new toyz on planes
just like the rest of us.

Or we could just wait until there is sufficient public pressure to
allow XOs to mesh on airplanes so that the rules are changed. Hey, who
wants to make the movie Toyz on a Plane? %-]

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