Localization (translation) questions?

Benjamin M. Schwartz bmschwar at fas.harvard.edu
Sat Jan 5 12:07:56 EST 2008

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Kent Loobey wrote:
> 1. I will have sound entries that will need to be translated.  How do the 
> translators want this to be laid out for them.

Translators are not voice-actors.

There is no infrastructure in place for recording speech in many locations and
collecting it.  There is no network of registered native speakers with
appropriate recording equipment.  These things would be valuable, but they do
not yet exist.

> 2. Since some images may not be meaningful/appropriate universally, How do 
> locallators want this to be laid out for them.

Translators are not graphic artists.

The existing localization tools are text-only, so you will have to build your
own localization system for other items.  Because sound and images are very
subjective, localization must be a conversation between yourself and experts in
the target language and culture.  The localization list is a good place for that.
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