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Re: Moodle.org <http://moodle.org/>, TrustInEducation.org,
CroquetConsortium.org, and InSTEDD.org pilot testing, and community
partnerships with my associate * Budd E.
* (1-925-299-2010) founder of TrustInEducation.org in Lafayette, CA

"Trust In Education is the creation of neighbors who banded together and
resolved to "make a difference". At first there were five. Now the project
moves forward with the support of hundreds, too numerous to list."

Based on OLPC roadmap (OLPC News: Does One Laptop Per Child + *Moodle* =
* OLPC XS installation -
*), the free OLPC looks like an opportunity for giving to
TrustInEducation.org, including the TeleHealth
database <http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Telehealth_module_database> (in early

Since Jesse Molina only has got one, you might want to apply for an XO from
OLPC directly, there is info on how to do so here:


Let me know how I can help.

All the best,
-- John Deneen

   - *Food Force2* for the XO (See http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Food_Force_2).
   Progress includes artwork (builds and villagers); next, the game model need
   more work to get a playable game. The code is in his public_git folder (
   Please contact Muriel if you'd like to help.

This game is under development. The objective is to enable the village to
"escape poverty", ie to develop nutritional self-sufficiency and beyond
subsistence farming

   - *Cow power*:  Arjun have completed documentation of the project (See
   http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Cow_Power). The page details the current
   design and the proposed mechanical design. He is hoping to get
   feedback from the community on the proposed mechanical design before
   moving forward in the implementation of the changes.

   - *100x Video Microscope* - OLPCWiki<http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Microscope>

$100 (now $200) laptops have potential to transform education in world's
poorest countries. Watch Mary Lou Jepsen
<http://www.joeinc.tv/bio/bio.htm>demo of the $1
Video Microscope (three plastic lenses in plastic housing) as a laptop
for diagnosis of HIV/AIDs, TB, and malaria. Another possible example is a
handheld device connected to a TV. Warch 3 min. YouTube - 200x EyeClops TV *
Microscope* <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqQfTjJLVZY> based on:

      Next-generation cytometers think outside the

Shapiro believes that, depending on the complexity of the desired
application, it may be possible to use an even less-complex light source:
the LED. In various experiments he and his colleagues have shown that it is
possible to do single-molecule measurements with an LED-illuminated system
and CCD detectors (see Fig. 3)

   - Handhelds for Health <http://handheldsforhealth.org/> based on the
      importance of the mother villager: Oct. 26, 2006 - Lab -on-a-
      chip devices for global health: Past studies and future
      Opportunities ( PDF <http://mfgh.org/Chin_LOC_article.pdf>)

   - OLPC planetarium<http://howdy.physics.nyu.edu/index.php/OLPC_planetarium>

   The OLPC <http://laptop.org/> is the best platform ever devised for
   electronic support of by-eye astronomical observing. It is a low power
   device that can be mechanically powered by the user; it has an
   reflected-light mode in which it does not contribute to local illumination
   (so the observer can read the display with a red flashlight and it won't
   compromise dark adaptation), and it is light and rugged.

   Planetarium software is, in many ways, the killer app for the OLPC. It
   provides support for the real-world and zero-cost educational activity of
   observing the sky at night, but it also provides a fun activity center for
   students to explore the behavior of the night sky and the stars and planets
   it contains. Many important educational activities can be built around (or
   discovered within) a rich planetarium software environment.
   - TurtleArt Mandelbrot

XaoS <http://wmi.math.u-szeged.hu/xaos/doku.php> is an incredible program
that lets you explore fractals by zooming in and out in real time.

Galleries <http://wmi.math.u-szeged.hu/xaos/doku.php?id=galleries:main>
Mac OS X binaries for Version 3.2.2 can be downloaded from

   - Screenshots from OLPC <http://wiki.laptop.org/go/XaoS#Screenshots>

   - Cerebro: Scalable presence information (Demo
   http://lyme.media.mit.edu:8000/) It's a light-weight protocol that
   allows 802.11b/g devices to form a mesh network. Cerebro has the
   following advantages:

   - It provides presence information about 100 nodes using only a single
   frame per 10 seconds, per node.
   - It runs on _any_ 802.11b/g device (tested on XO, Ubuntu, Nokia N800)
   - It can (but not yet) provide routing information within the mesh
   network that is formed by regular wifi devices.

Other news:

   - Intel: John Markoff's article in today's New York Times provides an
   accurate description of the events of the past 48 hours regarding Intel (See

We made a sincere effort of rapprochement, but it was clear from even
the way that Intel terminated the relationship—with an "inadvertent
leak"—that their was no reciprocal sincerity. We made great strides
before Intel joined us and we will continue to make great strides now
that they have left the OLPC association.

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Subject: Free OLPC for someone who needs it
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I've got a free OLPC for someone who needs it.  It works fine.  I got it
via the buy-one-get-one program.

I'd prefer to give it to a developer or someone who can actually make
use of it.  Or, I could just send it back to the OLPC Project and let
them reformat and redistribute it.

Even better is if someone with the OLPC Project could tell me of someone
they know who needs one, and I'll ship it out.  My location is Arizona,
United States.

Otherwise, send me an email telling me what you plan to do with it and
display some of your contributions or other involvement in the project.
 Convince me that you're worthy and not just going to pawn it off on
ebay after a month.

# Jesse Molina
# Mail = jesse at opendreams.net
# Page = page-jesse at opendreams.net
# Cell = 1.602.323.7608
# Web  = http://www.opendreams.net/jesse/

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