Printing et al.

Albert Cahalan acahalan at
Sat Jan 5 01:27:35 EST 2008

Peter Krenesky writes:
> Greg Smith (gregmsmi) wrote:

>> Once the printer is installed you're close but
>> "lpr -P fooprinter" will need a path to the
>> file and they may not be comfortable with the prompt.

a. Getting comfortable with the prompt is educational.
b. That command can be run from the Journal.
c. That command can be run by the activity.

(all 3 should be provided)

Don't forget printing to:

postscript file
pdf file
fax modem (maybe VoIP or ssh)
multi-page tiff fax file

> Currently there are no activities that convert files to a printable
> format (ps/pdf).  The teachers won't be able to print this way even
> if they had their printer configured.

Maybe no activities that ship with the laptop, but Tux Paint
certainly tries to feed lpr with postscript.

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