Albert Cahalan acahalan at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 19:26:35 EST 2008

Ian Daniher writes:

> Has there been any thought to putting B2s up for 'adoption,'
> giving them to people whose projects require the same
> wireless chipset or audio hardware, rather than those
> projects that are more software-oriented?

I was just about to start asking along these lines.

There is a critical need for the wireless hardware.
Fixing bug #46 is highly likely to cause the destruction
of a few wireless chipsets. At least one of the people
working on bug #46 is currently without any hardware.
Having extra hardware increases testing bravery.

Having the physical hardware is best. It's especially
needed in Europe, but also in the USA. Remote access
is also useful, especially if you have special equipment
(can backup and restore the little eeprom chip, can watch
USB traffic, can trace out the wiring, etc.) to help with.

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