Serious side effect of #6299 (silencing salut so gabble can connect)

John Gilmore gnu at
Fri Feb 15 14:46:22 EST 2008

Morgan, thank you for the detailed response.

> Also the "two kids sitting under a tree somewhere" scenario must Just Work.

Absolutely.  But ordinary Internet access doesn't work in Mongolia,
and probably isn't going to work in update.1.  So, everything will
work eventually, when all bugs are fixed, all optimizations are in.
But not everything will work today.

Given the realities of today, we have to triage.  We can make "two
kids under a tree" work, at the expense of making "1000 kids in a
school" fail.  I suggest we'd rather do the opposite, for now.


PS: Two kids under a tree does not require a mesh.  All it requires is
using adhoc mode of an ordinary 802.11 node without an access point,
using self-assigned zeroconf IP addresses.  Multicasts in adhoc
mode don't have the compound meltdown problem of the mesh implementation.

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