Salut and Suspend/Resume issues

Giannis Galanis galanis at
Sun Feb 17 02:11:39 EST 2008

There are a couple of important issues/bugs regarding Salut and

FIRST, there is a "sugar issue", (or at least it seems so).
When an XO resumes after long suspends, all icons(APs, XOs, but not the
meshes) instantly vanish*(#6467)*. Then they slowly reappear. Although with
the APs the situation is pretty straightforward, with the XOs we have
several cases:

   - all XOs in the mesh return almost instantly
   - all or some XOs return slowly one by one
   - nothing returns, and avahi peer list is empty*(#6498)*

It seems that although suspend should keep the previous situation frozen, in
fact the avahi peer list is affected.

SECOND, we have a network issue, which suggests a "war" between
suspend/resume and avahi/salut
Suspend will be interrupted only with unicast packets, but Salut/avahi rely
on multicast packets.

The result is that  when an XO that appears in the mesh view is suspended,
avahi will treat it just as if it has left the mesh.

   - When an XO is being used(not suspended), all other suspended XOs in
   the mesh will start failing 1 by 1
   - From the moment an XO is suspended in about 10-30min the icon will
   - If within this time new XOs join the mesh than the icon will vanish
   - If gradually several removed XOs start to resume, their icons will
   start returning

*****As you can see, the XOs have very little chance to even see each

A mesh of several XOs will avoid icons flashing here and there, ONLY if no
XO has been idle for more 10min, which is rather unlikely.

Considering the effects of the FIRST issue, you would practically have to
restart sugar or switch channel back and forth to return to your original

Salut/avahi are very sluggish in handling failed connections, and suspend
resume enhaces this effect.
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