Offer of help for Amharic

James james at
Thu Feb 14 23:23:14 EST 2008

Hello everyone,

Now that I have got Amharic working on my G1G1 XO, I spent some time  
today with a couple of Ethiopian friends, looking at the Amharic  
keyboard input and display.  They encountered a number of issues both  
with the keyboard layout and with the way the characters were displayed.

How should I report these issues, and to whom?

I've already been in touch with Bernardo Innocenti, and have tried to  
contact Marc Maurer (uwog).

I have 10 years' experience as a professional software developer but  
have only recently started working with Linux and Python.  My  
knowledge of Amharic could be written on the back of a table napkin.   
Nonetheless, I feel I could be a useful go-between and might even be  
able to provide a patch or two, if someone could point me at the right  
bits of code to tweak.


(Holding a lever of indeterminate length, and looking for a place to  

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