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Fri Feb 15 21:53:39 EST 2008

Devel group,
   I've been looking at a few Wiki and python pages about XO color
definitions, and even updated one page with some of my discoveries.


Basically, found color definitions in two standard distribution python pages

My question lies in first one, here's the list pasted from the python file.

Although it appears to be a list of 108 random selected combinations, it
appears to be odd in a way. After sorting and analysis, there's some
duplication, and non-diversity between colors.  Seeing the code at the end
of the python page. Looks like it could also be seeded by a different file.

I have several comments/questions:

o  Why isn't the color table defined in it's own include file, which just
has all the Sugar/XO defined colors ?  So other programs/activities can be
consistent about pallet color names being used?

o  What is the first file all about?  What's magically about this list, why
only 108 ?  Is there really less than 120 color combinations for initial
buddy icon colors ? After that, sugar-control-panel allows only selection of
306 colors?  Who made this ?  Why is there duplicates ? :)

o  What are the color combinations for the 'Xo' on the outside shell ?

ok, sorry for the questions, just curious about colors.

p.s. yes, you can bypass the color limitations by directly writing to
/home/olpc/.sugar/default/config , I was talking about the existing tools
used by most people. :)
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