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Walter Bender walter at
Fri Feb 15 01:52:36 EST 2008

In the short term, there is not much we can do about the physical
layout of the keyboard. But getting the rest of the Amharic input
issues sorted out would be very helpful. A first step would be to
start a collector ticket in Trac for all the open issues.



On 2/14/08, James <james at> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
>  Now that I have got Amharic working on my G1G1 XO, I spent some time
>  today with a couple of Ethiopian friends, looking at the Amharic
>  keyboard input and display.  They encountered a number of issues both
>  with the keyboard layout and with the way the characters were displayed.
>  How should I report these issues, and to whom?
>  I've already been in touch with Bernardo Innocenti, and have tried to
>  contact Marc Maurer (uwog).
>  I have 10 years' experience as a professional software developer but
>  have only recently started working with Linux and Python.  My
>  knowledge of Amharic could be written on the back of a table napkin.
>  Nonetheless, I feel I could be a useful go-between and might even be
>  able to provide a patch or two, if someone could point me at the right
>  bits of code to tweak.
>  James
>  (Holding a lever of indeterminate length, and looking for a place to
>  stand)
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