[Server-devel] back up script for the XO's?

John Watlington wad at laptop.org
Thu Feb 14 10:42:21 EST 2008

     I was supposed to work on that, but am overwhelmed with other
tasks at this time.  Somebody else may already be working on this
as well.

A very old/early set of scripts is at:

These scripts DO NOT use the laptops serial number as the username
and their private keys for authentication (it uses a single key).    
Simple mod.

These scripts DO NOT properly address where files are kept on a modern
build.   Somebody from the Sugar/Activities team will have to provide  

When registered with a school server, a home directory for each  
laptop is
created in /library/users/.   These scripts do not attempt to support  
backup copies.  The backup is simply contain the union of all files  
ever backed up.

Please share your results back with the group!

On Feb 14, 2008, at 5:55 AM, Bryan Berry wrote:

> Hey guys,
> Is there currently a script for the XO's that backs up the user's home
> drive to the server?
> If so, would rather use one exists than write one myself.
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