problems using the measure activity.

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Mon Feb 11 01:19:32 EST 2008

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david at wrote:
> however when we attempted to demo the measure activity we just could not 
> figure out how to make it work. we got it working three times over the 
> weekend (among a dozen or more tries).
> we has laptops with the 650 build, the -rc2 build, and the signed build 
> released in Jan (one of them started with a joyride build as of 
> mid-week). no matter which combinations of builds we tried, we were not 
> able to repeat a sucess.

Hmm.  It's fairly simple, and usually works just about perfectly, or not at all.

> could somone explain step-by-step what is supposed to happen (and what 
> screen we need to be on when to see the result) I have a pair of boxes 
> which are now on the -rc2 build, so I can try and see if I can get this to 
> work reliably.

To use Distance (formerly called Acoustic Tape Measure):
1. Launch the activity on XO A.
2. Share the activity from the toolbar
3. Using XO B, join the shared instance from the mesh view
4. Click the big button on each machine (there's only one button)

That's it.  There should be a lot of whooshing, after which the enormous "0.00"
should change to be the current distance. There's only one screen, and there's
only one number field, and it tells you the distance.

What happened instead?  Do try in Update1-rc2.  So far, it's been working
perfectly fine for me, in either build*.

- --Ben

*: Due to mysterious telepathy/mesh bug #6061, Distance does not work in hostile
network environments like at 1CC.  This has not been a problem anywhere else, yet...
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