mouse unstable on rc2

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Tue Feb 12 08:20:57 EST 2008

On Tue, 12 Feb 2008, Richard A. Smith wrote:

> david at wrote:
>> when I get home tonight I will lookup the exact steps for doing this and 
>> give it a try. one problem is that the problem did not show up immediatly 
>> (some laptops showed the problem within a half hour, others didn't show it 
>> for several hours)
>> the four laptops that I saw the problem on over the weekend were all 
>> upgraded by hitting the four game buttons while powering up (and all from 
>> the same USB drive). unfortunantly I don't have a copy of that drive.
> The four game buttons upgrade is the same as a copy-nand only it uses a 
> signed image.  If your laptops have security enabled then thats the only 
> method you will be able to use.

one of my two is unlocked, I requested the developer key for the other 

>>> So far every time someone has claimed its build/firmware related and
>>> I've asked them to prove it by going back and forth it has not held up.
>> what versions do you want me to switch between? at least two of the 
>> machines had been vanilla 650 boxes, but one was my primary box that had 
>> been updated daily to joyride (up through last wednesday)
> Whatever build previously didn't have the problem.  Although since there can 
> be a long delay it may be a bit harder to call it working or non-working. 
> The core of many of the issues appear to be from the touchpad getting out of 
> calibration.  The exact cause is still unknown.  According to ALPS the 
> capacitance the touchpad works against can change considerably in the XO. 
> Especially when an external power adapter is plugged in.

unfortuantly neither machine is acting up for me today. I'm going to avoid 
doing any updates for several days in the hope that this ends up being 
repeatable. I shrugged off the firsttwo machines having a problem, but 
after seeing all four that got upgraded act up within a day or so I 
decided to speakup.

> And if you are feeling really crazy then there have been a couple of 
> different reports on the community-support list of fixing a jumpy mouse by 
> using moisturizing lotion on the hands.  So if you can get a repeatable jumpy 
> mouse I'd love to hear if that really does fix it.

If I can repeat the problem I'll try it.

David Lang

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