developer key site failing

C. Scott Ananian cscott at
Mon Feb 11 23:04:00 EST 2008

On Feb 11, 2008 10:11 PM, Chris Ball <cjb at> wrote:

I added code for this exact case this morning after seeing the failure
in the logs.  (Django emails you whenever it fails with a server
error.)  Future attempts will state clearly that the problem is a
request with a UUID which doesn't match the one in our database.

This user did a dev key request with a UUID initially (which added it
to the database), then recently started doing requests with a UUID
with two digits transposed.  Since I don't have any recent data from
Quanta, I can't tell which of the two UUIDs is correct (although
perhaps based on the bug filed I can guess that the initial one was
wrong -- but why?).  I emailed Ivan this morning to try to get a
recent Quanta dump so that I can sort this out.

I'm also having minor issues tracking updates since the database
schema keys on SN+UUID.  I assumed I would have a regular feed of
mfg-data from Quanta by this point in the deployment.

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