Keyboard layout (is: SOLVED?)

James james at
Sun Feb 10 20:07:40 EST 2008

On 9 Feb 2008, at 10:36, James wrote:
> Following the first 4 instructions at < 
> > I have managed to set my G1G1 XO laptop to accept input in  
> Amharic.  That's the good news.
> The bad news is that I can no longer switch back to a US keyboard.

On 9 Feb 2008, at 16:09, James wrote:
> With Simon Schampijer's help, I have restored the i18n and keyboard
> file to (what I believe is) their initial state, but [the XO now  
> fails to boot]

Hi everyone,

The good news is: I believe I have located the problem.  Here's a  
recap of the steps that I believe may have caused it.

In an initial attempt to get the XO to display Amharic text, I had  
edited /etc/sysconfig/i18n from...


  ... to...


This did not appear to have any effect, even after a reboot.  I had  
left the change in place when I made the following changes, cf. < 

* Set LANG=am_ET.UTF-8 in /home/olpc/.i18n
* Set XKB_LAYOUT="us(olpc2),et" in /etc/sysconfig/keyboard.

After a reboot, I was able to input and display Amharic text.   
Rebooting occurred normally.

It was only when I reverted these last two files (via the virtual  
console, which conserves its US keyboard), that the XO subsequently  
failed to reboot.

Reverting /etc/sysconfig/i18n to...


... and rebooting seems to have solved the issue.

If my reconstruction of events is correct, then it takes a combination  
of changes to three files, then the reversion of two of those files,  
to cause the boot problem.

My only remaining concern is that my linksys wireless access point is  
reported when I run...
  /sbin/iwlist scan

... but I see no icon for it on the Network GUI, so currently I cannot  
to the Internet.  I shall continue with that issue in a separate thread.

Thanks to Simon Schampijer, Walter Bender, Bennett Todd and Bernardo  
Innocenti for your help with the reboot issue.


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