FAQ Interactive, Fusionbox Creates Online Video Q&A Tool

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FAQ Interactive, Fusionbox Creates Online Video Q&A Tool

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Denver, CO (PRWeb) March 12, 2007 -- Fusionbox, a Denver web design
<http://fusionbox.com/>and development company has launched a revolutionary
video question and answer tool called Jabbits <http://jabbits.com/>.

The online tool allows users to upload questions in the form of video that
they record with their webcams. Users can then upload answers to the
questions of others. The Flash tool connects directly to the user's webcam
in order to record and upload video content. Users can rate, email and even
embed the tool on their blog, MySpace page or website.

"The online question and answer space has really gotten popular in the last
year," said Alexander Groth, President of Fusionbox. "Yahoo, LinkedIn and
MSN all have Q&A features but none of them use a video component." The site
was developed by Fusionbox using Flash and open source technologies (PHP,
MySQL). The Flash tool uploads converts, encodes and optimizes a variety of
different video file formats.

Jabbits not only serves as a unique tool for users, but it is a highly
effective tool for market researchers. Jabbits allows market researchers to
connect with their target audience in various locations without leaving
their offices. Jabbits is also more cost effective and provides faster
results than traditional focus groups.

ABOUT Fusionbox, Inc. - Fusionbox is a Denver web
design<http://fusionbox.com/>and development company. Fusionbox offers
custom web software development,
web design, search engine marketing, content management solutions and
e-commerce solutions.

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