Update.1 690 very slow on B2-7 XO

Stephen Bannasch stephen.bannasch at deanbrook.org
Wed Feb 6 10:42:02 EST 2008

We'ved ordered 2 of the G1G1 XOs for development at Concord 
Consortium but since they haven't arrived yet I installed Update.1 
690 on one of our B2-7 XOs.

The install completed and the system works but it is extremely slow 
-- many minutes to start applications or switch contexts (presumably 
because it only has 128MB of ram).


* Is there anything we can do to speed up the B2-7 XO?
* Are there any older services or configurations which need to be 
deleted or modified?
* Is it possible to add more RAM?

I did receive the G1G1 XO I ordered personally and both Eliza (9-yr 
old daughter) and I are very impressed. I'm looking forward to 
digging into the system.

- Stephen Bannasch
   Concord Consortium, http://www.concord.org

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