Pen Tablet firmware test doesn't work on beta2 machine

Mitch Bradley wmb at
Mon Feb 4 17:03:43 EST 2008

Patrick Dubroy wrote:
> I've got a beta2 machine, and access to a beta4 machine as well. On
> the B2, when I boot into the firmware tests and get to the Pen
> Tablet/Glide Sensor test, I get absolutely no response from the Pen
> Tablet. The Glide Sensor (touchpad) works fine. I've also tried
> running 'evtest /dev/input/event5 1' and that also fails to detect any
> input on the tablet.

The PT function on B2 systems is disabled because of a hardware issue.  
I forget the details.

> On the beta4 machine, both of these tests worked as expected.
> Any idea why the touchpad wouldn't be working on the beta2 machine?
> Does anyone else have a B2 that they could test? It's possible I've
> just got some bad hardware.
> Thanks,
> Pat
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